nemo Mykonos


where every bite delivers an experience beyond comparison! Each plate caters to everyone’s preferences, and allows you to travel to different parts of Greece through the imprints of Traditional Greek cuisine meticulously created in the food! Our chefs are your tourist guides and your taste buds the traveler! The ocean’s mysteries will be served on a platter, from different fish to a range of mouthwatering crustaceans! Sushi lovers will also have a wide range to choose from! Every dish will be in harmony with the tropical Greek aura, from our nutritious starters and main courses, to the irresistible desserts! For the absolute thalassophiles, the restaurant and breakfast menu may be served directly to their sunbeds to not miss out any moments with the sun!

Eat & Drink

Our cocktails range from classics to a few of our own refined signature cocktails that have to be tried at least once! Our mixologists have expertly crafted each drink to taste like summer in a glass. Every refreshing sip will be a promise of Nirvana. Each drink can be savored, from coffees to juices, to milkshakes and smoothies, in different palatable flavors! Your thirst will undoubtedly be quenched!

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