nemo Mykonos

Wellness Corner

We have skilled aestheticians who specialize in a range of hair treatments. They will walk you through the process and give you a possible outcomes. Together with our provided nail treatments, your spa day will be a chance for you to wake up your inner child and play ‘dress-up’. Leave our spa with the best you there could ever be! Our yoga instructors will help you clear your mind and therefore strengthen your body. It will be that much needed time for yourself to find your inner peace and eradicate any unnecessary stress. Reignite your health and inevitably boost your mood and mental health in the process! Finally we offer muscle-relieving massages with different treatments of your choice. Rejuvenation and serenity are the only words you will be using walking out. All our treatments interlock with one another, allowing you to feel and become one with the Greek Gods and Goddesses. Tune out of reality and start living the dream!